Detection: antipersonnel landmines

Detecting and locating antipersonnel landmines is a critically important mission in certain parts of the world. To that effect, we provide a UAS-based radar system that is both safe and efficient. First, the system produces high-resolution images of the area. Then, the images are processed through SAR (synthetic opening techniques) to further improve their accuracy and locate any buried landmines present at the site.

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Technology: active sensing

For the purposes of detecting buried objects in general, and landmines in particular, we employ a UAS payload involving radar technology. The system irradiates microwaves that are reflected in a certain way when they penetrate the soil and find unexpected surfaces. This reflection data is then utilized to reconstruct a radar image with SAR and other techniques. In the case of landmines, the system operates at a depth of 10 cm.

Buried IED detection

You can see one specific setup for measurement: 9 cm metallic disk on top of a plastic briefcase and near a 9,5 cm radius metallic box buried in a hole of 8 cm depth covered with soil. After several techniques of post-processing, we obtain several slices of the 3D SAR reconstructed image. It can be seen clearly two objects, the surface one, and the buried object.