Diagnostics: BTS antenas

When diagnosing BTS antennas, a very cost-effective technology is required. As a payload mounted on a drone, our technology allows us to collect the data through very short flights or even to be added to other ongoing inspection flights. Accordingly, we are able to produce the antenna’s radiation pattern and diagnostics at a fraction of the cost.

Technology: passive sensing

We have developed a UAS payload for the purposes of low-cost, in-situ BTS (base transceiver station) antenna diagnostics. Equipped with our technology, the UAS follows a pre-defined flight path around the antenna under test (AUT). As power signal levels are measured and geo-referenced in the near field (NF), the flight duration is brief. Then, through our patented algorithms, we are able to reconstruct the far field (FF) pattern with no phase information. As an output, we obtain the reconstructed equivalent currents of the antenna and its radiation pattern.

BTS antenna diagnostic

Demo of the technology with a proprietary BTS system. In this case, we carried out a collaborative analysis, whereby we the antenna was producing a known transmission, so we could check our measurements and far-field conversion.