Diagnostics: SSR antennas

When diagnosing an SSR radar, we use our passive remote sensing technology. In this regard, we offer the ability to process the raw signal coming from the antenna under test (AUT) and reconstruct the radiation pattern through patented algorithms and technics. Thanks to this approach, antenna operators do not have to stop operations when having their SSR systems diagnosed.

Technology: passive sensing

We use a passive sensing system mounted as a payload on a drone to collect geo-referenced data about the near-field (NF) region of an SSR antenna. As the antenna rotates, we perform a vertical flight to collect the data. Then, through patented techniques and algorithms, we turn the NF data into far-field (FF) measurements, which, in turn, allow us to obtain the SSR radiation pattern.

Demo of SSR antenna diagnostics

At Mindtech, the Metal Industry and Technologies International Trade Fair (Vigo, 2019), we showcased our capabilities regarding diagnostics of SSR antennas.