We are finalists in myGalileoDrone GSA competition

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We are pleased to announce that the 5GBeamCheck Raytrack project has reached the final (10 best projects) of the myGalileoDrone awards, organized by the European GNSS Agency (GSA). We have been invited to  Entrepreneurship Day, which will take place on 2 March 2021. This event will host the announcement of winners of myGalileoSolution and myGalileoDrone competitions and it will be held virtually.


Our solution proposes using a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to perform measurements in the NF (near-field, 5-10 meters) of the MIMO / 5G beamforming AUT (Antenna Under Test). Once this information is obtained, phase reconstruction and post-processing algorithms are applied to compute the antenna parameters, such as FF radiation pattern, antenna surface currents, reception power, or directivity. The computed parameters will also allow the calibration of the AUT.

We want to thank the company Telnet Redes Inteligentes for giving us one of their antennas to carry out the diagnostic flights.

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