Raytrack has won the 4th prize of myGalileoDrone competition

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The Raytrack project has won the 4th prize in the competition organized by the European GNSS Agency (GSA), being the only award-winning Spanish project. The competition has been developed in a period of 6 months and has had three cuts, in which the best projects were selected. In total, almost two hundred projects were submitted from all over Europe.

Raytrack, with its 5GBeamCheck project, obtains this recognition from one of the leading institutions when it comes to technologies related to satellite navigation. In addition to the prestige and support that the GSA will bring to the winning projects, the award is endowed with 30,000 euros.

The GSA assessed the degree of innovation, the market potential, the relevance of Galileo, the degree of development of the prototype, and the relationship with the specific needs of the region.

The 5GBeamCheck solution allows diagnosing 5G Beamforming antennas efficiently, with near-field flights. The potential market associated with the solution is very important. In addition, this technology allows opening very interesting future possibilities in the European airspace for drones (U-Space).