Testing buried object detection solution

Feature Image

The proposed prototype and methodology allow the safe detection of both metallic and non-metallic buried targets even in difficult-to-access scenarios without interacting with the ground. Thus, they are particularly suitable for detecting dangerous targets, such as landmines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

The main goal of the proposed system is that the UAV autonomously flies over a region of interest collecting radar measurements, which are geo-referred and sent in real-time to a ground control station, to produce high-resolution 3D SAR images.

Two measurements were performed with the setup shown in the video. In both cases, a metallic disk (of 9 cm radius) was placed on top of a plastic briefcase (with 14 cm height). In the first measurement, an open cylindrical metallic box (of 9.5 cm radius) was placed inside of a small hole of 8 cm depth (without soil covering it). For the second measurement, the box was covered with soil (i.e., the box was buried 8 cm under the soil surface).