Use case: SSR radar diagnostics

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The diagnosis of SSR radars is of great importance. These radars are one of the fundamental tools of air traffic surveillance.

Making a diagnosis of this kind of antennas, as far as the radiation pattern is concerned, has certain complications. Let’s see the different approaches and their weaknesses:

  • Some approaches use an aircraft (not UAV) to capture the signal: the cost of these solutions can be high.
  • Use of portable ground stations: they only collect the diagram information at a specific elevation.
  • UAV approach: It has the advantage of operating cost, but due to height limitations (120m), it cannot capture the whole radiation diagram in the far-field.

We have developed a system that allows us to capture the signal in the near-field with a UAV. Once we have the near-field data, we reconstruct the far-field through our development algorithms. Besides, we can perform this diagnosis with antennas in operation.

These are some of the results of one of the secondary radars (A / C mode) diagnosed:

NF-FF transformation of the main antenna at 0º elevation
NF-FF transformation of the control antenna at 0º elevation

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